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Mannatech Scam Review

The multilevel Marketing (MLM) company, Mannatech has been sued repeatedly for its use of deception and misleading claims. Its products consist of hoax placebo cures, many of which Mannatech admits are made of sugar, meaning hoaxes, none of which treat illness. Indeed, there are scientific reviews of Mannatech's glyconutrient product claims on Wikipedia showing that glyconutrients or nutraceutical products simply increase flatulence. As with all MLM pyramid schemes, Mannatech is a hoax and distributors have a negative mean income or earnings loss. Average income losses start at about $500. According to the new study, This direct seller of phoney health products really sells business opportunities in unlimited chain recruiting of new participants. Is Mannatech a scam? Does it publish a scam-laden compensation plan that reviewers, MLM experts and new software identify as fraudulent?

How does this reviewer classify pyramid schemes and scams? From separate, authoritative MLM/pyramid scheme web resources including Dr. Jon M. Taylor's expert MLM research, Robert Fitzpatrick's Pyramid Scheme Alert and the Shaklee scam case study, one hard criterion emerges, along with a reliable fingerprint for Direct Sellers Association or DSA members. The criterion: If you direct more than half of your resources to infinite chain recruitment, you're a pyramid scheme also known as a scam. Google cleverly scores websites using an algorithm with methods like keyword density. The same concept was applied to over 100 compensation plans including Mannatech's comp plan. Proprietary terms (terms authored by a company) account for 5%-12% of the text in 70 legitimate compensation plans we tested. The plans of pyramid schemes had proprietary term densities or PD scores of 21% and up. Illegal pyramid schemes and similar scams can be quantifiably identified by PD score, the new fraud metric. Mannatech's peer-reviewed PD score was off the chart with PD = 71.43% on its 1st page 'goal graph' indicating the plan is a hoax as you will see later in this Mannatech review.

  • Highest PD score:71.4% Density
  • Accelerated Leverage100% Chain Recruiting
  • Mannatech Income Averages99.8% Lost Income
  • % Mannatech Earnings Reports Showing True Average Income0.00% Reports Reviewed

Mannatech Hoax Average Income

Define Mannatech Income

The Mannatech plan for compensation explains why Mannatech average income figures aren't released - it defines 'retail income' as the difference between what you pay for Mannatech 'health' products and what you sell them for. (compensation plan p6) Did you catch the scam? The 'difference' isn't the money you earn. The difference or 'retail profit' could be a negative number. Have you ever been scammed with numbers? This means a $500.23 loss could be reported as a retail profit of $500.23 and average or not, it could resemble real Mannatech income after inventing/redefining a proprietary term like 'retail profit.'

Bo Short's Claims

Bo Short has been caught on video numerous times not only making false income claims for MLM scams but teaching others how to misrepresent income opportunity in what appear to be seminar settings.See Shaklee income review. After being exposed by an anti-Shaklee website, Bo Short has claimed a high-income position at Mannatech Corp.

Mannatech Yearly Earnings Averages

Since hard data now show more than 99% of participants losing the income they invest in Mannatech's opportunity recruitment scheme, the annual income earned is in fact a negative number that our data indicates is between $500.00 and 1,999.00 - the rumor is that Mannatech scams you. Take a look at what they released in place of Mannatech's real annual average income in 2009.

Don't Fall for Cult-Like Fraud

If you're a 'Mannatech distributor' please do not be offended by the facts on this website. Like a hard drug, the enthusiasm of 'hope' and the lure of amazing products that improve your 'health' are powerful motivators that appeal to all races and ages equally. As with most cult-like 'direct sellers' or DSA member companies, cult specialists are familiar with this group and related scams. You can decide to leave and cut your losses, even sue Mannatech for fraud in court. If you are a new recruit, run fast and far from all forms social marketing/MLM to avoid falling for fraudulent pyramid schemes.

Yearly Income Loss Data

The annual income data averages are not fully released by any DSA member company. To compensate we've taken spending and earnings data from 33 Mannatech participants and analyzed it to see if the scam is real. While Mannatech participant's average yearly income losses are not yet known, the results shown below indicate that all participants surveyed lost money and that most losses were between $500 and $1999 USD.

Accelerated Leverage

'Accelerated leverage' is a proprietary term with a clear meaning defined by Mannatech's plan of compensation. The claimed effect is that participants start making money in 'weeks not months,' that they will meet the conceptual 'goal' on an exponentially increasing S curve over time, as shown on Mannatech compensation plan's silly first page graph.

  • MLM Investment Loss Rate99.8%

  • Mannatech Survey Investment Loss Rate100%

  • Participants Who Lost Between 1-6 Friends54%

  • Spent Between $500 and $199954%

  • Earned Back Between $0.00 and $49981%

Mannatech Compensation Plan

Critical Thinking

If your recruiter were making as much yearly or monthly income as he/she claimed, why would the recruiter give you misleading information about the Mannatech compensation plan? If more people were in on a money-making secret, it would mean reduced income for everyone in on it, if you think critically about it. Do recruiters want to help you or scam you to help themsleves? Why does the compensation plan for the Mannatech hoax come across as confusing, overly complex and dishonest? When you remove the cultic enthusiasm, review the evidence and critically contemplate the need to feel things like hope, both problems share an answer- Mannatech is a scam.

Turn, run and Protect

You protect yourself from the Mannatech scam by 1 turning and 2 running away. Next you protect others by writing a blog about your experience and linking it to one of the many websites that expose the Mannatech scam. And what compensates for Mannatech's hoax by use of the proprietary terms "Team Bonus" "Sponsored Qualified Associates" and units like "BP" and "QV?" Humor: How many BP does a Mannatech Member Generation need to achieve a glyconutriants Team Bonus on the Automatic Order Program? When you hear language like this, it's fraud you're being scammed - turn, run away and protect others by telling them.


To this reviewer, there appears to be evidence supporting the claim that Bo Short, is a con artist. Consistent with its negative average incomes, Mannatech's compensation plan recently returned a strong positive result on a reliable metric for flagging fraud based on the percentage of 'company-made words' or proprietary terms, in the plan itself. The metric was developed for the sole purpose of identifying illegal pyramid schemes. Read third party opinions on the Mannatech scam. Multi-level marketing is famous for deception, so review the data and start asking questions about Mannatech like, 'Why is the average income a negative dollar amount?'

What they say

Sam Caster
People who have participated in this MLM, say the Mannatech scam has a negative average income.
Sam Caster is Mannatech LLC's founder. The Mannatech-scam quote above is not his. Caster lived in the USA where founded a pyramid scheme. He was forced out by a class action lawsuit against his pyramid brought on by Texas Attorney General Greg Abbot, who charged the Multi-level marketer with violating Texas' Deceptive Trade Practices Act. Texas is one of the most pyramid-friendly states in the US, so it was surprising to see that state charge Caster's direct sales corporation with using unlawful, misleading sales practices in Oct. 2006. After all, Mannatech was only telling lies to sell fake cures for cancer and take advantage of people with serious illnesses. It was nothing the FTC was unaware of.
Take a breath and think of what men and women died for in US wars.They did not fight for your right to scam other Americans. Shame on the FTC and DSA.

The Direct Sellers Association or DSA, is a lobby that buys FTC protection from Federal laws against deceptive business practices. Meet the DSA:

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Mannatech Scam Average Income Data

Mannatech Scam Data: Average Income Losses

1. All Mannatech participants in this study lost money to the Mannatech scam.

2. 89% of participants scored company emphasis on selling products between 0-2, meaning no emphasis to some emphasis.
3. 100% of participants scored company emphasis on recruitment between 4-5, meaning strong emphasis to intense emphasis.

1. Two samples were taken from the Mannatech MLM compensation plan, a graph and a text sample.
2. Scores over approximately 12.2% are considered positive results for pyramid fraud - to date, this method has shown itself to be accurate in all trials. The Graphic scored PD = 71.4% and the compensation plan text sample scored PD = 21.4%

Mannatech Average Income: & Research Fraud

How did fraudulent, pseudo scientific nutrition studies affect average income for Mannatech?

Secureties Exchange Act - class action lawsuit

On October 27, 2006, Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott charged Mannatech, CEO Sam Caster, and others in Mannatech with running an illegal pyramid scheme in a Texas class action lawsuit. The Mannatech scam agreed to pay $6,000,000 in return for using false claims and pseudo science regarding cellular glycobiology to boost its average income.

Mannatech's CEO Reveals Q1 2013 Income Losses

S. Mark Nichols, Mannatech's Chief Financial Officer, disclosed the company's 1st quarter earnings on May 14. Along with Robert A. Sinnott – Chief Executive Officer and Chief Science Officer, Nichols announced a net income in the first quarter of 2013 of $655,000 as opposed to the $1.4 million income loss suffered in the firt quater of 2012. As more people become aware of the Mannatech scam and other MLM pyramid schemes thanks to a growing, searchable body of online information, less people are willing to risk their average income in Mannatech. Indeed, its first quarter net sales for 2013 averaged $41.7 million, representing 6.3% decline from Q1 2012 net sales of $44,500,000. An additional $400,000 was spent on the departure of B. Keith Clark from Mannatach, and average income losses for Q1 2013 were substantial.

Mannatech Average Income Affected by False Research Claims like Shaklee

Mannatech distributors have falsely claimed that nutritional supplements like Ambrotose glyconutrients effectively treat Down's Syndrome, Tasach's Disease and cancer in attempts to boost their own average income. Even Shaklee didn't take it this far under Roger Barnett. When CEO Sam Caster made the claim that Ambrotose and Phyt-Aloe capsules were proven in an NIH funded research study published in Journal of the American Nutraceutical Association, there was a slight problem: 'It is not true,' stated Leigh Sawyer, a program officer at the National Institute of Health. Darryl See received over $100,000 in speaker fees to perform unauthorized, professionaly disputed research at University of California at Irvine Medical School - the results of which could not be applied to human health, according to experts. Perhaps Dr. See used accelerated leverage. As with reviews of Shaklee products both the natural supplement research and its claims were false, which continues to negatively affect Mannatech average income for scam participants.

Mannatech Scam Review

Mannatech Mean Income
The Compensation Plan
Mannatech is a Scam?
  • Annual earnings losses for over 99.8% of Mannatech participants are demonstrated by the data, and are consistent with decades of legal pyramid scheme charges and litigation over Mannatech's deceptive business practices.
  • The Mannatech Compensation Plan fails a basic new metric for fraud. How is it that they have avoided being shut down by reasoable litigation? The answer is two-fold. Firstly, the company uses simple, cult-like mind control to indoctrinate its victims/participants with the notion that failure - meaning income loss, results from lack of hard work. Secondly, you need to look into the relationship between the DSA and the FTC.
  • Scam is a slang word meaning ripoff. Mannatech is a genuine pyramid scheme by every measure. The data and facts on this site are provided to help you make an informed choice in selecting a means to generate income. Our advice? Make a decision you are comfortable with.

Is Mannatech a Scam?

You decide. You found this information before investing in a very special kind of company called an MLM or social/network marketing company of the DSA. This one simply uses deceptive business practices and fictitious scientific research to trick the seriously ill and to defraud people eagar to earn extra income. Mannatech's alleged scam carries a cultic, 'direct selling' atmosphere wherein the hope of living a healthier life and improving the quality of life are muddled with pyramid recruitment schemes, researcher fraud and systematic dishonesty.